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Haven't I heard this Somewhere Before?

Her masterpieces 'Exile', 'Epano', 'On Your Own Shores' are featured in L.A.Story series. 'Storms In Africa', 'Watermark', 'River' are featured in 'Green Card'. 'Books Of Days' in English series 'Far And Away' .'Marbles Hall in 'The Age Of Innocence', 'Ebudae' in 'Toys' , 'Boedica' in 'Sleepwalkers' , Gaelic version of 'Book Of Days' in Toyota radio ad in UK, 'Pax Dedram' in 'Dragon Heart' even 'Orinoco Flows (Sail Away)' in a Malaysia TV ad .

'Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)' reached No.1 at the UK Pop Chart making her the most successful artist performing New Age style of music. Her next album Shepherd Moons' spends 199 weeks in the Billboard Chart.

Enya's Celtic background enable her to use Gaelic, an ancient Irish/Scottish dialect in all her songs although English, Latin, Welsh, French and Spanish were used.
She has produced many masterpieces with Nicky Ryan her producer along with Roma Ryan who wrote all her English songs.

Shepherd Moons and The Memory Of Trees won Best New Age Album at the 35th and 39th Grammy Awards. 'Shepherd Moons was in top 25 on worldwide chart with records sales nearing 850,000 marks, sold 3 million worldwide. Watermark with hit single 'Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)' sold over 4 million copies. Her album The Memory Of Trees with single 'Anywhere Is' was in British Top 10 in 1995 making her the best New Age artist to reach that far.She was reviewed as the #2 bestselling Irish artist after 'U2'.

Eithne Ni Bhroanain
(Eithne Brennan) Eithne is pronounced as Enya in English. She was born in May 17th 1961, in Dobhrain in Narshurest of Republic of Ireland. She now lives in Killingney, Dublin.

After the forming of Clannad in 1973, Enya joined in
1980 playing keyboards and backing vocals.

1987~ The released of Enya's debut album named Enya, the respond was not very encouraging (under Atlanta Records)

1988~ Watermark was unleashed with Orinoco Flow(Sail Away) went no .1 at the UK Pop Chart

1991~ Shepherd Moons was released and won Best New Age Album at the 35th Grammy Awards

1992~ Re-release of her debut album called The Celts featuring her early works

1995~ The Memory Of Trees album released in late December won the Best New Age Album at the 39th Grammy Awards

1997~ Paint The Sky With Stars featuring Enya's finest works and a smashing single Only If. On
Dec 8th a box called A Box Of Dreams contained 46 tracks from all her album in three CD called
Ocean , Clouds and Stars.

2000~ A Day Without Rain is released, Enya's first completely new album in five years. Will any of these songs become smash hits????